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The Sorority

The Sorority

On the first day, I didn't sleep well. I hear a loud crash in the first floor. I open my eyes, the view is blurry and then ... I hear a terrible scream. I go down the stairs, my heart, racing, almost comes out of my mouth ... This is the scene I see: One of the other residents is lying on the floor, on her back, and her long blond hair, full of... Blood.

I run up the stairs, shout, knock on all the other rooms, the girl who is my roommate is standing at the door, and seems to be trying to calm me down - It's okay – she says --... Shhh, shhh, it`s fine... It took a while this time.

I look at her, she's smiling. I don´t understand. Someone hands me a cup of tea, I drink it and then I black out.

I wake up, it's day outside. I jump up. The house is quiet, I knock the other doors, but in the end, I seem to be alone. I breathe and, slowly, go down the stairs, no sign of anything, no body, no blood. There's someone in the kitchen, humming a song I don't know, it's my roommate, she's on her back, I touch her shoulder, and when she turns... I scream ... My God! Why does she have blood on her apron? She doesn't seem to care about it, she smiles and says to me: - It's all right, dear. It took a while this time.

How long did it take this time? It is the second time someone has said that.

I run and lock myself in the room. I don't want this one to come in here. I try to call my family, but my cell phone doesn't work. I pass out once more.

I wake up again, now it's dawn, I make a mistake and look at the clock, 3:15am ... (Heavens, how I hate this time) And then (PAM!), A crash in my window, like a knock. I cover myself, from head to toe, I cry. I close my eyes, another knock and a click, someone or something, opens the window. I hear footsteps, and a heavy breath, so close to my ears (exhales and inhales)... Silence, what comes next gets me running ... Someone pulls my cover, I run until I reach the stairs and I fall. My arm hurts! A loud crack comes along with my despair... I breathe fast and breathlessly (exhale and inhale) ... With some effort, I get up, everything is dark, except for a weak light that comes from the dining room. I'm going there ... All the residents are gathered, one looks at me and says: - Apparently, now it's up to you. It took a while this time ... He will tell you what to do, after all, everyone here belongs to him...

Jesus!, are they all crazy? Suddenly, everyone looks at something that is on my back (exhale, inhale, gasp), slowly, I take courage and turn around. There is nothing there, only the dark, but then I blink and what I see makes me crawl... There are eyes that shine, like those of a cat in the dark ... A hideous voice comes out of invisible lips, saying: - Three days ... You can't give up or run away ... The who comes here is because it already belongs to me.

I feel chills, and in a blink everything disappears.

I run back to my room; I don't even remember the pain in my arm. I close myself there again, but when I turn, what I see makes me even more afraid. A woman sitting, blond and bloody, her skin is pale and the smell, uh... She says: - It's always like that, when someone sends someone new from the university here, someone has to leave... Better than do not run away, because what is here is because it was already his, did you see what happened to me? It was because I ran away. Choose one and be quick.

I cry a lot and, for two days, it seems that I black out. When I wake up, I go down the stairs and try to go to the street. Outside, dark and foggy. I don't hear anything, just noise... And then, laughter. There's someone out here. Better come back. Someone turns on a song on an old record player... Downstairs, I don't hear anyone, and then I think: - Will they kill me? - I lock myself then, back to my room. There I am safe ... I look back, the crazy woman who lives there with me, screams "You will be next" ... She jumps on me and we fight. I'm quick! I throw her, I open the door, everyone else is watching, standing at the doors of their respective rooms, I realize then, no one else has a roommate. The other one gets up and screams - AAAAHHH! - I throw her again on the ground. I am stronger than her, the others watch and wait.

I step on the girl's hand, and then with her still on the floor, I feel that something takes care of me (Exhale, inhale). I stop. Again, the hideous voice whispers in my ear saying, "You can do it. You don't know it, but she's been mine for a long time. I will repeat, here only those who are already mine...”

I smile, pick up a knife, which I now see, the girl dropped on the floor. She is scared, I, on the contrary, no longer feel any fear... I think - I have a lot to live for, and he is right (hahaha), anyone who is here is because it was already his. With a blow I hit her in the heart.

(Sigh) Now it's me, in my room, and I wait ... The day of the new arrival. There are no roommates here and only those who already belonged to him, come here.

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