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The Stranger

Atualizado: 10 de out. de 2020

The Stranger

At any moment now, he will find me. I have heard the man walking around the house, so these may be the last moments of my life. Maybe it's my farewell, that's why, I'll tell you what happened, until we got here ...

I've been texting with Michael for two years. We work together a few times - online - so we haven't met in person before, until: He asks for my address - he says he's going to send me a gift - and until then our relationship is just of friendship. I hear my doorbell, open the door, and behind a bouquet of flowers is Michael. I cannot believe it! I lean over his neck and I can finally see those eyes. The smell of his perfume is delicious - I always knew Michael smelled good - I tell him this - I wouldn´t like to let go, but I need to do this, since you have to come in - Smiling, he answers me - No need to let me go - And besides finding a way to get in, he carries me and closes the door.

I realize I am horny - this is not thatcommon - Wow, I barely touch Michael, and I feel my skin aroused ... Gradually, as I release from his embrace, our mouths touch, slightly, on the side, but before it happens, he tells me - Annie, would it be that if we do that, will I still have your friendship? - And then, finally the kiss. To tell you the truth, we couldn't stop there. On the sofa, we tore off our shirts, and as I lean against our bare chests, I feel my legs shiver and my hornyness become into wetness. At the end of our first time, I know I don't want only his friendship.

Before I continue, this story of mine, I want to say that the steps seem closer and I'm not sure if I will be able to finish it, so it is better that I move forward.

And so, we stayed together for all these months, and decided to live in a place farther from the city (literally in the middle of nowhere). At first I don't understand, why does Michael think we will be better off so far? But everything with him is so incredible, I end up accepting. We are crazy and incredible, together. We enjoy every day as if it was the last - and today it can be.

Today's morning finally arrives. I get flowers - on the card it says: always yours - I thank Michael, who tells me he didn't send anything and gets very angry - he never did anything so stupid - we fight. I lock myself in our room, and I have no idea where my cell phone is. I hear a door bang - it looks like Michael leaves - and I sleep.

Again, the noise from the front door. It awakens me. Right after that, a noise from my bedroom door, someone or something, is forcing it to open - Michael, is it you? - I ask, but no one is able to answer me. Apprehensive, I think about going out the window, but that piece of crap is stuck. I hear the sound of the key, does he have what he needs to open my door? So I pick up Michael's guitar and stand by, waiting for the stranger to enter. When at last, the door is opened, I quickly look, and the hooded member looks back at me, startled. It is Michael, who I almost hit - There is someone in the house, Mike ... - He looks at me, a little lost and says - I didn't see anyone, are you okay? - Before I answer, Michael, howls in pain. Another man shoves one of the kitchen knives, into his back. I don't think, I hit him hard with the guitar, he falls and I grab Michael, so that together we can go to a safe place. I try to open the front door and it´s locked. On second thought, it would be better to go into the basement and lock it - this house is in the middle of nowhere!

Now I can tell you, we are locked in the basement for more than 30 minutes, and Mike doesn't answer me anymore. I don't have the courage to take his pulse, I'm sitting without closing my eyes, anywhere, other than the door. As I said earlier, perhaps these are my last moments.

Then a crash, which finally alerts me - it seems that the stranger found our chopping ax - and my God, I can't believe it, he opened the door. Finally, I have the opportunity to look at him, the stranger And I didn't believe it when I saw what is in front of me ... It turns out that he is ...

--Michael? - I let the knife fall to the floor, not understanding - Annie - he says - Let's get out of here, quick! - he steps forward and I walk away - Annie, this is my brother, Daniel ... All his life he did this, his whole life he tried to destroy me ... Let's go !!

I stand still, still not understanding. Before I say anything, however, I hear the sound of the shot. The man who was standing in front of me, possibly Michael, is hit, by the Michael who was on the floor. I shiver, with the blood on my face. Then, this man holds my hand and says - Annie, are you okay?... I'm Michael ... The one who's dead is Daniel. I should have told you about him, before.

And that is how this fateful day ends.

Time goes by, and even today, I look for signs that tell me that this man, who lives with me, is Daniel. And in a few days, I realize things that were not there before. One of these days, while I feel his body on mine, I touch his back and notice a scar, which seems to have never been there before. Before I get worried - however - I feel the moment of our ecstasy approaching, a sensation that only Mike knows how to cause in me ... Or was it Daniel, who always caused this? I'll never know. I prefer to love him and continue as we always do, and hide from myself, this great confusion of mine...

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